Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Peacekeeping (Dona nobis pacem)


Frustration beckons yet again - conflict rising in their throats -
words transform to violent acts - call me to the task...


What can I say in a room full of pain?
What can I hear in a chorus of screams?
What can I do in a place full of hate?
My heart beats so fast it could burst!


Lord, bring peace.
They tell me that this is my prayer.
Lord, bring peace.
As if I can make peace appear...
out of thin air!


Who will approach the man with a gun?
Who will step up and be seen?
Who will confront the intent of death?
Life seems to sap from my soul!


Lord, give peace.
They tell me that this is my prayer.
Lord, give peace.
As if peace might soon appear...
out of thin air!


Trained as I am in the ways of the world,
here I am armed with but wit and a will
to see through a vision for the guns to be still
driven to put my own safety on hold
that security might be normalised here
turning this people away from their fear
I pause.... fragile... struggling between despair and promise


Lord, make peace.
I ask - for this is my prayer.
Lord, give peace.
I ask - I pray - I breathe...
(out of thin air!)

c. A.Koh-Butler, 2018

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