Friday, 15 September 2017

A follow up on Power and Prayer

Only a few days ago, I wrote a post on Power and Prayer.  This morning I woke up to an article published yesterday, reporting on an interview with a public figure in Australian society, Mr Lyle Shelton, calling for "conversion therapy" for children. Correctly naming that it was not appropriate for adults to be forced to undertake such a highly disputed and controversial "treatment", yet, encouraging parents to inflict it upon their children.

This is encouragement to undertake what I believe to be child abuse. I can only think of it as being destructive and willfully dehumanizing. The World Council of Churches supports a position regarding the Rights of the Child. Activities that are coercive or done against a person's will (implied in Mr Shelton's statement) contravene what mainstream Church leaders around the world.

As a Christian Minister, I reject Mr Shelton's stance and call on him to retract his damaging words.
As a person of faith, I call on God to protect children from this kind of hateful abuse.

O God, who sees the vulnerability of each child,

Protect them from the harm of ignorance and abuse.
We pray for hearts to be filled with your love 
and minds to be led by your wisdom,  
So that parents and advisors can see each child for what they truly are:
Your precious creations, made beautifully in your image.
Jesus Christ, friend of Children,
Let the little ones know your protection from experimental 'treatments' 
that seek to change them from who you created them to be.
May those who seek to coerce parents or violate the security of trust within families
come face to face with you... for only you are Judge.

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