Wednesday, 22 November 2017



- the study of women responding to God’s mission to the world.

(Thanks to Ian Packer, from whom I first saw the term.)

I am a Missy-ologist.

I celebrate curves and communal instincts. I do not conform to an ordering or power in the world. For women, from Eve onwards, have subverted masculine dominance. It has something to do with breathing... with blowing the hair off your face while breastfeeding, because your hands and arms are busy holding the life of the world in your embrace.

I do not have time for cigars and whisky - leave that to the pontificating whisky-boys. They can enjoy their sessions of measuring the walls in front of them. I long for the creative circle, where generative and gentle conversation involves a sharing of experiences and ideas to try. Such circles prioritize a culture of refinement through encouragement rather than criticism. Rather than hacking off rough edges, as those boys are want to do, the Missies add some sugar and cream, growing the softer and more responsive parts of themselves, to better nurture the Realm of Heaven.

The embrace of Missies is the firm and authoritative encompassing of all the love for all the world. We do not own or control the embrace. Rather, we hold up our tuck-shop arms and join shoulders in acts of knitting the fabric of the fullness of humanity. We are found among Matrons and Maidens. We aspire to be spiritual Nannas.

Celebrate the Missy-ologists you know - hear our breath blowing the hair from your face as we encourage you as you embrace the world God loves.

(PS - the people who drink whisky and play board games are ok...)

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