Thursday, 24 August 2017

Marriage Couples - "Developing a Theology of Marriage" Questions...

Fascinated by the comment on FB posts about passages of Scripture and what they might mean in the current conversations about marriage...
I wonder if we might be getting a bit obsessed by a few passages... i.e. Led down a path of limited reading and limited reasoning...

It seems to me, people are using the Bible to argue about sexuality and are taking 'marriage' as a given, rather than doing the harder work of developing a genuine theology of marriage and relationship. (Much of the 'Christian marriage' definition seems to be based on cultural Christianity from dominant culture settings or secular society and rebranding it, rather than on really looking at the myriad types of marriage practiced by Christians globally.)

I would argue, therefore, that it may be helpful for people who get married (whatever their situations) might be encouraged to develop a theology of marriage together. AND it may be helpful for those of us who care about scripture to get in and encourage people to read the scriptures more deeply and comprehensively... or - at least - more often.

E.g. Some questions for couples:
What parts of scripture will inform how you will live, work, play together?
What parts of scripture will guide your responses to God's calling on you?
What is God's call to you as a discipleship couple?
What models will you take for family life and household?

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