Saturday, 4 March 2017


Pomegranates – seeds of Wisdom

The tartness of retort and sweetness of honeyed glances
Was Bathsheba’s power in her presentation?
Faithful wife and grieving widow,
King’s lover, seeking cleansing…
Fruition and redemption only made
In generations yet to come.

While warlords, princes, prophets find their story in their actions,
A woman’s living is expressed in networks of survival.
Food and shelter, birth and care,
Of such are how her days are spent.
Seeds are all contained within her pomegranate frame.
Is this how Wisdom is expressed,
High Queen of Heaven – One true God?
This Spirit breathes its life into each beating throb of heart.

What holiness in hovering over waters of the womb of life?
What songs will David offer in praise and in confession?
The violence of men with swords must find its match
In peaceful cleansing courtesy.

O Queen of Heaven,
bless your daughters,
That they may give voice to your beseaching…
That they may teach and prophesy and bless.


(C) 2017, A. Koh-Butler

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