Friday, 24 March 2017


Princesses (Daughters of Kings)

What does it mean to wait upon my Lord?
To drape the Queen in mithril from Ophir…
Exotica is given for his growing wealth
and I should stand beside him without any fear.
For this is Lord of generosity and love:
His mercies are given to complete
The blessing which he would on us bestow
In asking us to come, sit at his feet.

I, a daughter of a King, looks on
And, in this court, stands tall,
Beholding all the wonders of the realm
And seeing how the peace is there for all.
This is good news worthy of a minstrel’s tale
And should be given choruses of voice:
That this fine Lord would love us still
Even if we did not make his choice.

From what I see, the strangest of all things
Is that this Lord would love those who would take
Another line, another path away…
And choose a life that they themselves would make.
Could such promise sit enthroned so close?
Yet, here he is, with foolishness of heart
Offering forgiveness and embrace –
Allowing those who come to make new start.

(Psalm 45)

© 2017, A.Koh-Butler

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