Sunday, 2 July 2017

A Hymn for a Closure Service

(written for Hamilton-Broadmeadow Uniting Church, Newcastle)
Tune: Nettleton (Come thou font of every blessing)

We have grown despite our difference.
We learnt songs to bring our praise.
We have met to share together
and give thanks for blessed days.
We have served in faith as partners.
We have shared our stories too.
We are shaped by Wisdom’s leading
called to share the Gospel true.

Love the Lord - is our first calling.
Love each other - is the next.
Love creation - restore beauty.
Receive love that we might bless.
Bless the outcast. Bless the lonely.
Feed the hungry. Help the lost.
Do not count what is asked of us
for the Christ has paid the cost.

Glory be to the Creator!
Thanks to the Redeeming Son!
Sanctify us, O Sustainer -
Holy God: the Three-in-One!
You are wonder! You are mystery!
You are hope in times of strife!
We have glimpsed you through our history,
lead us forward into life!

c.2014, Koh-Butler

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