Thursday, 30 March 2017

Daughter of Zion / Jerusalem

Daughter of Zion, Daughter of Jerusalem

Lament for Millenia

When plans, that were to take a generation to pull off,
take thousands of years instead…
You tell be to rejoice?

What is this rejoicing?
How should it sound?
Should it trill with flamboyance,
or tinkle like a bell?
How should joy be conveyed…
When I am so tired
Of such a long game?

My children have suffered.
They have suffered so much!
They have murdered one another.
They have blood on their hands.
Their souls have been corrupted.

O, children of Zion –
who can possibly redeem your crimes?
The broken promises haunt me.
The shame and pain discourage me.
You destroy each other’s stories…
Painting blood on every doorpost
Over and over and over again!

Who remembers any sense of peace?
Who remembers any vague promises?
Who remembers rainbows?
No – they are a sign of division
Of judgement and despair!

Let us kill one another.
Let us defy the sacredness of life
And let us reek of fear and terror.
Let us bash babies.
Let us betray trust.

You, who would give life,
See, instead, the murders in your heart…
Each time you condemn,
the world is condemned
And redemption
is distanced from our reach.

Farewell mercy…
Do not return here.
Not until
the Lord shall come again.

(Zechariah, Isaiah, Zephaniah, Lamentations, Jeremiah, Micah, Ezekiel, Matthew, Revelation)

© 2017, A.Koh-Butler

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