Wednesday, 15 March 2017


Joanna’s Company

Unknowing, I approached
to seek a new tomorrow.
Pain, I had carried,
Suffering and sorrow.
In his word and touch and glance
My energies renewed,
Among disciples, soon I grew.
The Company was good.
In my turning to the Lord
I found in him my shield.
In his cleansing, blessing love,
In mind and body, healed.

Unpracticed, I approached
To offer what I could.
To serve, my goal, in any way -
I hope he understood.
In my word and touch and glance
I hoped to pay the honour due.
With that Company of faith
We trod the path of Truth.
Toward the end, it was so hard
Safety, became the tempt
But on the final path to death
Our presence might have helped.

We women stayed to tend the broken
Our spirits shattered, sun turned dark.
The Romans watched the men depart.
The scene was blood and violence stark.
We waited until breathing ceased.
We grieved the Sabbath long with sobs.
Then came to tomb to do our work
But who is that who grave-site robs?
We met with angels – worlds broke open
Hearts leapt high and logic failed.
We ran to greet the Company:
Jesus lives – let Christ be Hailed!

(Joanna - Luke 8:1-3, 24:1-12)

© 2017, A.Koh-Butler

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