Sunday, 12 March 2017



My parents, filled with pioneer spirit.
Came from the great city of Ur.
Pioneering halted with home by the river.
From Haran town, they’d no longer stir.

My lot seemed tame, by compare.
I would pause to wonder at stars at night.
Where did they shine? Upon what distant place?
Servant’s story came to my ears delight.

He told of One God calling to journey.
He told of the Oaks of Mamre tall.
As he told of a family looking for kin,
I heard of a life into which I might fall.

And so to Shechem, Bethel - at each stop,
we prayed to reach our destination.
Could this One truly promise us
That we might mother many nations?

I prayed, I too, could hear such words.
I prayed, I too, could build new home.
I prayed with every passing step
I would no longer need to roam.

Approaching those great trees of oak,
Well met, we were, by Abraham’s son.
I wore my veil, but keenly glared,
Was this to be the looked for one?

© 2017, A.Koh-Butler

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