Sunday, 19 March 2017

Earth-hour - children's prayer

DEAP – Drop Everything And Pray


Leader: As we stop with darkness around,
We remember God was there before the light.
God made the light and everything that came after.
We give thanks to God and pray for God’s BIG WORLD!

A Small-group Prayer for EARTH-HOUR

(based on a prayer from Scotland – each call and response 
can have an action that is copied by the other members of the group)

Christ as a light,
Shine in our hearts and guide us.

Christ as a cover,
overshadow and protect us,

Christ be under us,
Guide our feet on the grass and the sand.

Christ be over us,
Breathe on us in the breeze.

Christ be before us,
Show us the Way of right path.

Christ be behind us,
Do not let us forget our story.

Christ be within us,
Growing us in truth.

Christ be outside us,
Like a warm blanket to be wrapped up in.

Christ as a light
Shine in our hearts and guide us.

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