Monday, 20 March 2017


Under the Date Palm Tree (The Court of Judge Deborah)

Come for a date with judgement!
Come to hear what I say!
Come to hear my prophetic voice!
Let this be the Lord’s day!

Under the date palm tree I sit
Sun baking as I order troops
Contrast the scene of swords and prayer
Fronds of tree toward us droops…

Promise blessing – heaven and hell
I utter sentence with my breath
I speak with matron judgement voice
Sending many toward their death.

No other prophetess so bright
Is given duty to release
The armies into battle’s fight
To bring about a temporary peace.

(The only named female Judge in Scripture, Deborah was a prophet who held court under a date palm. Her name means ‘bright lights’. Her orders heralded 40 years of peace. Judges 4)

© 2017, A.Koh-Butler

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  1. Deborah is one of my biblical heroes, she was a turning point for me in the discussion around whether God calls women into leadership. They say that God is the same today as yesterday and her story is one that say God has always called women to leadership to be part of God's great plans. Thanks for sharing! KML


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