Saturday, 25 March 2017

The Persistent Widow

Mme Persistence

(The Widow) 

Speak Up – Speak Up or Give Up!
If I cannot have justice from a judge,
I will not long be for this life.
If I am no longer for this life,
I will speak up to the Judge of all.
For if you will not give me justice now
How can I survive?
Perhaps I would not do so for myself,
But I have daughters to care for
And no-one to take us in.
If I do not speak up
I am giving up on my girls…
And not just mine,
but all girls for all time.

Are we worth so little,
That you can so easily ignore my plea?
Just remember, you were born of woman, too!

You must attend to my cause.
I seek only what is right and proper –
my generosity before my husband died
was something you praised and acknowledged well.

Is it so easy to forget –
this history of only a few weeks ago?
Just remember, your wife could be widowed, too!

Speak Up! I say – respond to truth!
Do you not believe the One we worship
Honours those who have served as faithful daughters,
mothers and wives?
Is it so easy to forget the women in your life?
Are there no widows in your family?
Who bore you?
And who bore her?
And what of your sisters?

Have you had enough?
It is not so easy for me to stop…
Not if my daughter cannot eat
because you are too slow to decide
my fate and hers.
Do you want our blood upon your conscience?

(Luke 18:1-5)

© 2017, A.Koh-Butler

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