Friday, 31 March 2017

Martha, sister of Lazarus (Tending Death - Part 1)

Tending Death (Martha)

I wring the towel into the bowl
And cannot tell – is this the water that I drew
Or are these my salty tears?

Once again, I wipe his torso,
On which he wore the shirt I made
and spilled the wine on that first wearing.

I wipe his legs and recollect
the journeys to Jerusalem
on that dusty road…

I wipe his arm and in my memory
see the embrace for his guest – Our Lord!
What joy he had to welcome Him.

I bathe his shoulder – that carried us
these many years, through invaded times.
What will we do? Without you?

(John 11:1-45)

(C) 2017, A.Koh-Butler

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